ISAEM is coming to SWEETs

We are delighted to have ISAEM come to SWEETs and present their organization. 20 students are therefore offered to attend the whole first day of SWEETs, Monday March 16th, for 250 SEK only, including lunch and coffee. Register through an email with your name and institution to



ISAEM – The International Student Association of Emergency Medicine is looking forward to attending SWEETS 2015. On Monday the 16th of March you will have the opportunity to hear and learn more about our organization, as ISAEM will be giving a short presentation. Our focus for the talk will be: Building bridges in Emergency Medicine – from a student’s perspective.

The Vice- President of external affairs, Anh-Nhi Thi Huynh and the national ISAEM ambassador from Denmark, Rebecca Østervig, will be representing ISAEM.

Students with an interest in Emergency Medicine should join us for an informative talk and learn more about collaboration opportunities.


ISAEM is a non-profit making international student association of Emergency Medicine. ISAEM aims to promote and foster the concept, philosophy and art of Emergency Medicine amongst medical students internationally. It is our aim to increase the interest of Emergency Medicine among all medical students internationally.


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