Bringing our Social Media teachers to our Real Life Conference

Emergency medicine is a new specialty in Sweden. In our search for role models a lot of us have found #FOAMed, Free Open Access Medical Education. Why is this not controversial? Because we don’t have any senior consultants to tell us it is. But as with all kinds of freedom, this comes with a responsibility. We need to make sure that Swedish emergency physicians know how to critically evaluate the blogs and podcasts they learn so much from. And what can be a better opportunity than the annual meeting of the Swedish Society of Emergency Medicine? That is why we have invited people like Rob Rogers (@EM_educator from the iTeachEM podcast) and Cliff Reid (@cliffreid from the blog) to SWEETs15. To close the gap between social media and the real life world. To open up the discussion between Swedish emergency care specialists and the online teachers of our specialty.

Social media as a tool for interactivity and participation

Socia media is so much more than consuming free medical information. It is a tool for interactivity and participation. That is why SWEETs has a Facebook group, which grew so big that the name cannot be changed from SWEETs14, where emergency physicians and nurses let us know what they think and expect from the conference. We use Twitter to spread information about this blog, where topics and speakers are introduced, so that conference delegates can come prepared to the meeting and also give their input through comments. The actual conference is in March, but the virtual one has already started.

Katrin Hruska

President of SWESEM