Vi kommer fram till SWEETs18 ha några korta bloggposter om våra talare. De har fått svara på några enkla frågor om vilka de är och vad de ska föreläsa om. Den som är först ut Roberta Petrino som är ordförande för europeiska akutläkarföreningen, EuSEM

Who are you?

Dr Roberta Petrino, President of EUSEM

Where do you work? Title?

Director of the Emergency Department, S. Andrea Hospital, Vercelli, Italy

What is the topic of your talk?

To present the development of Emergency medicine in Europe and what is expected for the future. In particular the evolution of the Curriculum, the examination, the professional development, the expected standards of competence and resources for the European Emergency physician

Why is this topic interesting and important?

Because it may give a clue on what are the desirable standards for Emergency Medicine in Europe and the way to have comparable care all over Europe in Emergency. Besides, to give some thinking points about the ideas on how to develop the specialty and the European Society for young doctors

Why did you become an EP?

I started my career as an internist in mid 90s. In these years emergency medicine in Italy (and Europe) was just starting and I was involved in this development by case,because I was doing shifts in the ED. Immediately had the conviction that this was the best job for me and the only I wanted to do. I asked to my chief to be sent to the US to learn what to do and when I came back I had the fortune to contribute to start the first training program in EM in Italy (as a master) and now it is more than 20 years that I work and teach Emergency medicine. I was involved in the development of EUSEM and if the UEMS section as representative of Italy.

Roberta Petrino kommer att tala 7/3 kl 10.50

Twitter: @roberta_petrino


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