Abstract submission

Anyone is invited to submit an abstract to SWEETs according to the following guidelines.

All submitted abstracts will be anonymized and judged according to the SAEM abstract scoring guidelines by SWESEMs scientific committé. Committé members involved in the work of an abstract will not score that abstract.

Oral presentations

The authors of the top 5 scored abstracts will get the opportunity to present their findings as a short oral presentation at SWEETs. The short oral presentations will be held on Thursday, each presenter will have 7 minutes to deliver work with an additional 2 minutes for questions and discussion. All presentations will be judged in four domains by a national jury and by the audience according to a predefined scoring sheet. The abstracts will be ranked according to the score from the jury and the audience and the highest combined rank will receive the title “Scientific work of the year”. If two abstracts received the same total rank, the abstract with the highest score by the SWESEM scientific committee will win. Scores from the national jury and the audience will be collected electronically via a smartphone or computer. The results will be presented at the Gala dinner on Thursday evening.


All authors are invited and expected to present a poster of their abstract during SWEETs on Wednesday between 4 – 5 pm. The posters will be exposed at a dedicated area during the conference and authors are expected to be available for questions regarding their poster at the “Postermingel” session on thursday evening and highly recommended to present at their poster during breaks in the program on thursday. All delegates at SWEETs will have the opportunity to vote for their top 5 posters via an electronic questionnaire. Each delegate will rank 5 posters of their choice and the poster with the highest mean rank will receive the award “Best poster of the year” and will be presented at the Gala dinner.


  • “Scientific work of the year” – selected from oral presentations, diploma
  • “Poster of the year” – selected from the scores submitted by SWEETs delegates, diploma

Instruction to Authors


  • Text and presentation may be done in english or swedish.
  • Choose your title carefully
  • Include contact details in the poster
  • Parts
    • ENG: Background, Aim, Material/Methods, Results and Conclusion should all be clearly stated
    • SV: Bakgrund, Syfte, Material och Metod, Resultat och Slutsats bör tydligt framgå
  • The poster format is 120×90 cm, portrait mode.
  • Be consistent with size and font for headings and text. Example: Title 96-140p, Headings 36-44p, Text 24-33p

Submission is open until February 16, 2024.

If you have any questions contact SWESEMs scientific committee at fou@swesem.org.